We are also ranked low for numbers of doctors per population.(xhttps://www.beckershospitalreview.com/workforce/this-state-has-the-most-physicians-per-capita.html) How do physicians feel about her banning of mask mandates and her talk of "fetal heartbeats" or accusing them of aborting full term babies? She is making this a dangerous place to live.

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Thank you Ed. I did write our SW Iowa legislators, knowing that only one would oppose the school voucher bill. Mr. Sieck did oppose, to his credit. But all these "cultural issues" the Republicans are touting are so mystifying to normal middle of the road voteres. It is like beating your head against a wall:

Dear Mr. Costello and Mr. Sieck:

My parents sent all four of their kids to both private and public schools and universities. They also paid substantial property taxes and believed in their local K-12 schools. Never once did they complain about needing state support for scholarships for the private tuition.

They assumed that the schools involved and the parents who sent their children to those schools would figure it out. Private schools have endowments and religious organizations and foundations and trusts and all kinds of resources to turn to when they need scholarship funds.

Never once did my parents express any desire to divert their property tax monies or State of Iowa income tax monies toward the private institution tuition. They assumed that state-run schools were to be supported by those local and state taxes.

That was the social compact they believed in.

They voted for fair minded governors, like Robert Ray and Harold Hughes.

What our present governor is advocating would absolutely baffle them.

It baffles me even more.

How dare you vote for such a plan as our current governor is putting forth?!

How will you answer the thousands of public school board members and public school teachers in your districts?

Josiah C. Wearin

Hastings, Iowa

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The implications of 76% of Iowa Children under 6 testing positive for lead poisoning are staggering. Test score, graduation rates, unemployment, financial insecurity, multiple disabilities driving up the cost of health care...etc. I believe there is a correlation between lead poisoning and family income levels. Corporations playing the long game may not want to domicile in a state of a cognitively challenged workforce. BTW, did you see that Wells Fargo is leaving DSM for the burbs? Could be the start of the proverbial nose leaving the tent.

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Breaking the furniture is a feature, not a bug for her.

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Ed I think it's important to let people know how our representatives voted on the voucher give away. Since I moved to Iowa in 1985 we have gone from #1 in the country to #26 educationally under Republican leadership. It use to be we could leverage our educational excellence when talking about economic development but clearly not anymore. I just don't understand why the Republicans want to gut public education. Of course they spend more money on education than any other line item but that's because it affects the most people and that is how we fund our education in Iowa. I can't understand how the legislature can give 350 million dollars away and only offer to increase public school funding by 2 1/2 percent with inflation so high.

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Twelve Iowa Republican lawmakers voted against the voucher bill, even though it was the governor's top priority. That shows you they knew the consequences will be terrible:


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Ed—Does the Governor just think up her programs or are others just pulling her strings?

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I have read elsewhere the wealthy are likely the disproportionate beneficiaries of the mis-named parental choice law. As Jon Muller discussed in his FB post, the law not only benefits wealthier Iowans (see https://tinyurl.com/464wc2wt, but disproportionately benefits Iowans living in metro areas, with little or no benefit accruing to rural areas without private schools.

The mention of day care is noteworthy. With few, if any, requirements for private schools to provide pre or after school care (and internally absorbing the cost), it may be more difficult for working class parents, esp. with tighter work schedules, to send children to private schools. Much easier for wealthier Iowans.

Regardless of anyone’s concerns, how can Iowans hold private schools accountable, with few standards, no auditing, and no transparency, as on students admitted, denied admission, expelled etc. How will Iowa know in 1,2, or 4 years if this is good policy.

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Than you for pointing out some of the flaws with the current GOP.

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